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Value statement of 21 Research Center

21 Research Center is a Budapest based think tank specializing in social research, public opinion polls, political analysis and consultancy. The Center is dedicated to advancing the political insight, openness and democratic culture of the Hungarian society. Our Research Center is fully committed to Hungary’s Euro-Atlantic orientation and the general values of a merit-based, inclusive and participatory democracy, and environmental protection. The Center aims to cooperate with political and economic actors that share the same set of goals. Our mission rests on the pillars of professionalism: our main purpose is to create analyses and policy papers based on abundant hard data and in a manner of objective, scientifically proven research in order to deliver comprehensive policy recommendations.

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Our Researchers

Dániel Róna

Dániel Róna, PhD (1984), political scientist-economist, the director of the…

Lívia Kósa

Lívia Kósa is a political scientist. She finished her BA…