Boglárka Dominik is a Junior Analyst at 21 Research Centre. At present, she is pursuing her degree in Public Policy and Management at Corvinus University of Budapest, and she is also a member of a college for advanced studies, where she takes several courses on economics, research methodology and social sciences. Her previous experience as an intern focused on the economic sphere but her interests in public life and politics inspired her to join 21 Research Centre.

She finds democratic functioning and self-motivation important, so during her high school years she was the chairman of the student government and the vice-chairman of the Student Council of the city, and during her time at the college for advanced studies, she was a member of the student committee.

She has experience in quantitative and qualitative studies, her main research interests are public policy, environmental politics, urban studies, sustainability, and the functioning of the national civil sphere.

She is an environmentalist who loves animals, and in her spare time she likes learning new things and playing online strategy games.