Dorottya Lovász graduated as a political scientist at the ELTE ÁJK. During her university years, she was a member of the College of Social Theory. She participated in several types of research organized at the HAS Centre as well as several prestigious academic competitions. During her Master’s, she obtained a graphic design degree and completed Additional Informatics training at ELTE IK, where she studied programming.

Her research interests include political communication, cultural relativism, data mining, and the analysis of science fiction worlds from a political perspective. She also had the opportunity to give a TEDx speech on the latter.

At 21 Research Center, she works not only as an Analyst but also as a graphic designer, event photographer, and project manager. She is further responsible for managing the team’s social media and other online interfaces.

In her spare time, she is the chairman of the Polemia Institute Association and creates educational materials, podcasts, and videos for young people on political topics. In addition, she works as a portrait and wedding photographer and illustrator. She is interested in poetry, and several of her poems have appeared in anthologies.