Gabriella Torzsa is a political scientist and cultural anthropologist. She completed her studies at ELTE (ÁJK and TáTK). During her bachelor’s studies, she focused on causalities between centralization and decision making, and the theory of political systems. She wrote her master’s degree on the identity of the musician community in Budapest. During her university years and after them she worked at a think-tank as a qualitative researcher and research organizer both in market research and social research. Her research interests are in political communication, cultural relativism, community research, identity research, value and culture research, and family (policy) research.

At 21 Research Center, she works as an Analyst, she is responsible for qualitative research projects.

In her spare time, she sings, and she loves crafts. In her hometown, she is helping to run a children’s drama program and to organize cultural events, such as stage productions and concerts. If she has the time for them, her chosen ways of movement are yoga and argentine tango.