Orsolya Bajnay is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Sociology at ELTE. She has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Economics at BCE, and she also took some courses as a scholar in the field of societal inequalities and anthropology at the ISCTE Lisbon University Institute.

Her main research interests include societal inequalities, in particular the effect of globalism on gender inequalities, and the influencing factors behind gender stereotypes and gender role expectations. In her thesis, she conducted a survey experiment and examined the impact of toy advertisements on the emerging gender stereotypes of first graders. For the prestigious national academic competition, TDK, she wrote an essay about the factors influencing individuals’ attitudes towards the role of women in the job market. Her further research interests are digital sociology and the appearance of social media in sociological studies.

Since 2016, she has been a member of a college for advanced studies, where she actively participates in social science courses, takes on community coordination, and conducts research on the country-side. At 21 Research Centre, she works as a Junior Analyst, helping out with both qualitative and quantitative research. She is vegetarian, a feminist, and in her sparetime, she goes to alternative pop concerts and learns Spanish.